How Durable is Street Print Asphalt? 

Exploring the Artistry of Stamped Asphalt in Urban Design

Street print asphalt is an excellent decorative option for improving your property. It has a reputation for being the most innovative cosmetic paving solution that produces realistic results faster, more straightforwardly, affordably, and less labor-intensive. However, the question among many people is how long street print asphalt paving can last and if it is worth it.

What’s Street Print Asphalt?

Street print is a decorative paving solution that produces realistic brick, slate, and other effects on an asphalt surface. It combines the sturdiness of an asphalt base with state-of-the-art surfacing technology to create durable, cost-effective, and stunning pavement.

The benefits of street print asphalt paving are tremendous. The most notable benefit associated with the paving solution is its decorative appeal. Street print asphalt comes with a diverse range of elaborate decorative patterns, all of which comprise unique and aesthetic works of art that can transform a property. Other benefits include easy maintenance, quick installation, flexible pavement, and longevity.


Street print asphalt may be a decorative paving system, but it is tried and tested technology to produce long-lasting results. All it does is incorporate three-dimensional architectural designs to the already proven strength and flexibility of asphalt. Therefore, street print asphalt can last as long as regular asphalt pavement.

Asphalt is known for its durability, with some referring to it as a perpetual paving solution. Many property owners choose asphalt for its long lifespan, which can go up to two decades or beyond. Besides this, the top surface of asphalt pavement can continuously be replaced, which isn’t the case with other surfaces that require a complete rip out of the pavement to replace.

Street print asphalt is thus proven to last, and you can rest assured that it will serve you for many years. However, it is also essential to understand that the durability of any asphalt solution is subject to many factors, some unpreventable and beyond your control. These include seasons, traffic and vehicle load, maintenance, design and craft, precipitation, salt, and drainage.

For instance, hot temperatures during summer can cause asphalt to expand and develop cracks allowing water to seep through, resulting in erosion. Also, cold temperatures during winter freeze water between the cracks to freeze further, splitting the cracks. Exposure to heavy loads and traffic can cause pavement fatigue, resulting in stress, bending, and eventually breaking the pavement. Notwithstanding these factors, the condition of your street print asphalt can deteriorate without proper and regular maintenance.

Bottom Line

Street print asphalt is an inexpensive, fast, and durable decorative paving solution for revamping your property for aesthetic purposes. It has many applications, from residential, commercial, industrial, and pathways to streetscape improvement.

Street print asphalt is durable, but its durability depends on a wide range of factors as established. So, to ensure you get the most out of the decorative paving system, you’re better off working with an experienced professional like GWP Paving Company.

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