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We’re proud to be the trusted commercial paving experts in the greater Atlanta area. We know asphalt paving solutions like the back of our hand, enabling us to identify problems and recommend the best solutions for your business or organization.

Asphalt Paving Types

Overlay & Resurfacing

If your paved surface suffers from natural wear and tear or cosmetic damage, we can restore it with an overlay and resurfacing job. This process restores aging asphalt by pouring a new asphalt layer over the existing pavement. This approach is cost-effective and enhances pavement longevity.

Expansion & New Paving

Maybe you need a new pavement or want to expand your existing paved surface. We’ll help you achieve your goals with efficient and affordable solutions.

Reclamation & Repaving

When a damaged pavement is beyond the point of repair, we recommend a reclamation and repaving job. This service involves excavating the existing asphalt and installing a brand-new paved surface.

Why an Area Might Need Repaving

Choosing whether to resurface or repave an asphalt pavement hinges on the condition of the subgrade, which is the layer of soil and other aggregates beneath the surface. We conduct a thorough core test on each pavement to evaluate the subgrade. A low-quality subgrade means the pavement needs to be replaced altogether.

Here are a few reasons to consider a reclamation and repaving job:

The Paving Process at a Glance

Each reclamation and repaving job involves these five steps:

We assess the current pavement, pour a fresh layer of asphalt, and complete other primary steps as needed.

We install catch basins and perform other tasks to ensure proper drainage system function, which will help the new pavement last longer.

We apply the new asphalt.

We roll and compact the new asphalt to produce a smooth surface.

We apply pavement markings, install signs, and complete other finishing touches.

What Causes Asphalt Deterioration?

Asphalt surfaces deteriorate for various reasons. As mentioned above, a low-quality subgrade produces a low-quality pavement. If the subgrade is damaged or not thick enough, the paved surface will deteriorate more quickly.

Other factors that contribute to asphalt deterioration include the following:

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How to Ensure Asphalt Longevity

Maximizing pavement longevity is simple: perform routine maintenance. Preventative maintenance identifies minor issues before they become major ones, allowing you to improve pavement quality and performance over time. Maintenance also reduces repair and replacement costs by enhancing the lifespan of your paved surface.

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