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Pavement markings are crucial for road safety. Proper markings help drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safely navigate roads or parking lots. They manage traffic flow, indicate stopping points, highlight crosswalks, and must be ADA-compliant to aid individuals with disabilities in navigating roadways and parking lots.

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Our Pavement Marking Process

Preparing the Surface

We start by cleaning and removing any debris from the pavement to ensure markings are applied correctly. In this step, we would design the layout of your pavement space by drafting and measuring markings such as lines, arrows, symbols, and text.

Applying the Markings

Once the area is clean and prepped, it’s ready for the markings to be applied. To do this, we utilize specialized equipment such as paint striping machines and thermoplastic applicators.

Drying & Curing

We use traffic cones and proper safety barricades to ensure that the markings have enough time to dry without the risk of being schmeared. The drying time can depend on the type of paint used and the weather.

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Key Benefits of Pavement Marking

Pavement markings will significantly improve the safety of your parking lots and roadways. Other benefits include:

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