Milling & Reclamation

What Is Milling?

Milling offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing the performance and aesthetics of worn or damaged asphalt surfaces. Instead of costly excavation and replacement, milling simply replaces the top layer, typically a few inches thick. With quicker turnaround times, milling offers minimal traffic disruptions compared to alternative maintenance and repair methods.

The Process


Prior to milling, we clear any obstructions, clean the asphalt surface, and assess the condition of the existing pavement.


Specialized milling equipment is utilized to remove the top layer of asphalt through a grinding process, which we usually recycle for the new asphalt layer.

Surface Repair

We address any damage or irregularities in the asphalt’s surface to reinforce the pavement’s foundation.


Then, we pour the new asphalt layer onto the prepared surface, making sure to compact it to achieve a smooth surface.

Finishing & Marking

Once we complete any finishing touches such as line striping and road markings, the new asphalt layer will be ready to use.

What Is Reclamation?

Reclamation creates a new foundation for a fresh asphalt layer without the need for excavating and removing the existing asphalt. Many business owners opt for reclamation as it cuts operating costs and saves time compared to other pavement repair methods.

The Process

Grind & Blend

We will grind and blend the existing asphalt material, along with any soil and aggregates, to establish a durable foundation.

Key Benefits of Milling & Reclamation

Top Causes of Pavement Deterioration

Pavement deteriorates due to various factors including:

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