Sports Courts & Specialty Coatings

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Sports Courts

At Georgia Wildcat’s Paving, we offer top-tier services to maintain courts for any sport. From basketball and tennis courts to pickleball, our team has expertise in new construction, repaving, and maintenance services.

Specialty Coatings

Specialty coatings give sports courts and other surfaces enhanced durability and grip, which can help athletes perform better with added safety from tripping. This coating also forms a protective seal on the pavement’s surface, preventing damage from debris and other environmental factors. No matter what kind of court you have, we tailor specialty coatings to your exact space and needs.

The Coating Process

Prepare the Surface

Proper preparation is key—we clean, repair, and prime the pavement’s surface to ensure the coatings stick.

Apply the Coating

Using a spray, roll, or brush, we will apply the coating material to the pavement until the desired thickness is met.

Cure & Finish

Lastly, we will apply a topcoat and make sure all surfaces are completely even.

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Georgia’s Wildcat Paving is the trusted name for high-quality maintenance, repair, and installation services throughout Georgia.

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