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Ensuring efficient drainage and utility systems is crucial for maintaining the quality of your pavement. These systems are typically underneath paved surfaces, and once there is improper drainage or maintenance, then the durability and lifespan of your pavement worsens.

Rest assured that our team of professionals can install, repair, or replace drainage systems to keep water properly flowing and prevent water from bubbling up to the surface causing costly damage. With tried and true water management services to protect your pavement, save time and money with Georgia’s Wildcat Paving experts.

Our Drainage & Water Management Process

Planning & Design

We customize drainage and utility systems to meet your specific needs. This step involves analyzing water movement patterns, assessing existing utilities, and developing a plan tailored to your property’s layout and site prerequisites.

Excavation & Installation

We start each project by removing the existing pavement and the soil beneath it. Then, we dig trenches for the installation of new drainage and utility lines. In this step, we ensure careful excavation and proper placement of drainage pipes and utility lines, avoiding damaging nearby structures

Backfilling & Restoration

After installation, we will refill the trenches with new pavement to support the newly installed drainage and utility lines, ensuring a seamlessly restored finish for your pavement.

Key Benefits of Proper Drainage

Choose Georgia’s Wildcat Paving to ensure high-quality drainage systems for your commercial property, effectively preventing water-related damage to your paved surfaces. Key benefits of our services include:

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