Safety Features

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Paved surfaces such as speed bumps, curbs, and road signs are at the forefront of road safety, making them crucial to businesses and commercial properties alike.

Proper safety features alert drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians of potential hazards or traffic detours, ultimately decreasing the risk of accidents. Update or install safety features with Georgia’s Wildcat Paving—the trusted name in all things pavement.

Our Safety Features

 These safety features are essential for accident-prevention and safe transportation. In addition to standard pavement markings, we can install the following features:

Textured or Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Prevent slips, falls, and other injuries with textured and slip-resistant pavement.

Speed Bumps and Humps

Install speed bumps in parking lots, garages, residential areas, school zones, and more to slow the speed of traffic.

Curb Ramps

Make your space easily accessible with curb ramps, allowing cyclists, pedestrians, and people with disabilities to safely navigate between sidewalks, roads, or parking lots.


Keep drivers out of pedestrian areas by installing short, sturdy posts called bollards.

Road Signs

Inform and alert drivers and pedestrians of speed limits, intersections, hazards, and other road signs.

The Process

Safety Assessment

We will identify areas with potential hazards and risks, focusing on the flow of traffic, to create a comprehensive safety plan outlining recommended safety features.

Install & Implement

With a detailed plan, our team of experts will install and implement safety features to enhance the security of your paved surfaces.

Maintain & Evaluate

To ensure the longevity of your safety features, we’ll maintain and take care of any features that need to be added, updated, or removed.

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