Why Do You Need Permaflex Paving?

Why Do You Need Permaflex Paving 1

PermaFlex paving is a unique asphalt paving system developed to make repairs on large asphalt areas more economical. PermaFlex includes carefully sized aggregate and a combination of liquid asphalt bonding agents blended to wedge into existing cracks. In this article, we will discuss why you need PermaFlex paving and why it is an important choice for any pavement repair project.

The Biggest Advantage of Permaflex Asphalt

PermaFlex has been formulated not to contain aggregate sizes that promote reflective cracking. The liquid asphalt agent allows for a continuously bonded flexible crack retarding barrier ready for a smooth watertight asphalt surface.

Reflective cracking refers to the tendency of existing cracks to migrate into the new asphalt surface. Without a barrier of protection, a 1″ to 2″ overlay will develop crack patterns identical to the existing pavement. PermaFlex becomes the barrier of protection between the reflective cracking and the new topping. This saves money instead of completely removing and replacing it.

Some Other Advantages of Permaflex Asphalt

Permaflex paving has a life close to new asphalt but for a fraction of the price. 

In addition to its durability, longevity, and environmental benefits, permaflex paving is also easy to install and maintain. It can be applied using traditional asphalt paving equipment, and it can be easily repaired or patched if needed. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective choice for any renovation pavement project.

Your Next Move

Overall, permaflex paving is an important choice for any pavement project. Its durability, longevity, environmental friendliness, and ease of installation and maintenance make it a superior option to traditional asphalt. If you are considering a pavement project, be sure to consider the benefits of permaflex paving and consider using it for your project.

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