What Type of Work Does a Commercial Paving Company Do?

What Type of Work Does a Commercial Paving Company Do

If you’ve been curious about what type of work a commercial paving company does other than parking lots, now is the time to find out. While a commercial paving company does install new parking lots, their services go beyond that. Below are only a few services that GWP offers.

New Driveways and Parking Lots

While businesses need parking lots, they also need driveways for workers and customers to access the parking lots. Warehouses, schools, busy retail centers, and other locations need spaces for parking and driveways for everybody to access the parking lots. When businesses expand, they’ll need to have newly paved surfaces in addition to their older surfaces.

Pavement Marking

When we install a new commercial driveway or parking lot, our service doesn’t end there. A new parking lot and driveway will need striping for parking spaces, which can either be oil or latex-based or even thermoplastic, which lasts up to six times longer and dries in five minutes. We also provide signage to indicate ADA parking, fire lanes, stop areas and more.

Preventative Maintenance

The adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is true when taking care of the pavement that commercial locations have. Preventative care includes removing small rocks, nails, and anything else that doesn’t belong, maintaining drainage systems and landscaping in paved areas, sealing coating, restriping parking space lines, and driving lane markers.


A commercial paving company also takes care of repair needs that a commercial business may have. This would include patching, pothole repair, and sealing cracks. If you have potholes and cracks in your parking lot, it doesn’t reflect well on your business. Customers are more likely to avoid visiting a commercial area as potholes are unsightly and can damage vehicles in the long run. Potholes and cracks are also safety hazards, so it’s best to repair those as soon as possible.


The lifespan of the average asphalt parking lot is anywhere between 15 and 20 years, but some factors affect whether your surfaces will reach their average lifespan. Businesses located in the same building for a long time usually require a complete resurfacing project, even if they’ve been proactive about maintenance, repairs, and seal coating.


Sealcoating restores the surface of driveways and parking lots from wear and tear caused by seasonal temperature changes, weather, and other factors. Sealcoating every other year also prevents cracks from forming and should be essential to your maintenance routine. While a handyperson or a maintenance crew can seal coat your surfaces, a professional has better training, tools, and materials at their disposal.


At GWP, we offer a decorative paving addition with various patterns and colors. It’s a stamped application that allows you to create a unique look that customers will associate with you for years to come. We can apply StreetPrint during or after your asphalt installation.

Whether your business requires new pavement, maintenance, repairs, or pavement marking, GWP Company is here for you. As a family-owned business in the Atlanta metro area, we work to fulfill all your parking lot needs. Send us a message to ask a question or to request a quote.

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