What Is the Purpose of Sealcoating?

What Is the Purpose of Sealcoating

Asphalt and Concrete pavements can be sturdy after construction, but they are often exposed to conditions that may lead to their quality deterioration. With time, you may notice cracks or wear off of the surface on your parking lot. It may cost you a lot to repair your parking lot, and sometimes the cracking problem may still come up even after repair.

However, there is a solution to this problem. Sealcoating can help your parking lot live up to its expectations. Sealcoating has various purposes which ultimately help maintain your parking lot. They include:

Protection from Harsh Weather

Harsh weather elements can propagate the destruction of your parking lot. Heavy rains can lead to parking lot cracking, especially when water is stagnant on the surface. The water progressively seeps into the surface and can damage it. Even without the rain, the winter season can expose your parking lot to frost, contributing to quality deterioration. Sealcoating creates a layer that protects the parking lot from the elements that may damage your construction.

Prevent Damage from Vehicle Fluids

You can put all effort into preventing damage to your parking lot. However, some things are unavoidable, like oil spills from vehicles. Asphalt parking lots are prone to damage when it comes to contact with gasoline or oil spills from vehicles. The asphalt can easily disintegrate as the spill progressively dissolves into the surface.

Constant spills on your asphalt parking lot will lead to eventual breaking and cracking. As such, the best way to prevent damage from oil spills and other vehicle fluids is to sealcoat the parking lot. The sealcoat will act as a protective layer; in case of a spill, the oil will not come into contact with the asphalt.

Maintains the Aesthetics

Freshly constructed asphalt parking lots have a beautiful dark hue, making your home look neat. The neat dark color does not always last long. Due to exposure to the sun and other damaging elements, the color slowly fades away. Sealcoating the parking lot after construction can help maintain the beauty of your parking lot.

The sealcoat layer will keep your parking lot looking new through time. It is also rubber-like once it is applied and is dry. Its texture makes it easy to clean. The wind and rain can easily clear the dirt that settles on your parking lot when the seal coat is in place.

Sealcoating helps You Avoid Repair Costs

As aforementioned, repairing damaged asphalt can be challenging. You would need heavy financing and effort to repair an asphalt parking lot, especially if the damage is too extensive. Construction experts may even advise getting a new parking lot. Since sealcoating can prevent the cost of repair, why not invest in it? The earlier you sealcoat your parking lot, and regularly, the better for you. You will maintain the sturdiness of the surface, and it will serve you for longer.

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Sealcoating is one method of preventative maintenance. A professional company can help do a neat job in sealcoating your parking lot to prevent possible damages due to weather elements and oil spills.Reach out to us today or call 678-377-3113 to find out how we can help.

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