Using Stamped Asphalt to Beautify Your Business’ Curb Appeal

Using Stamped Asphalt to Beautify Your Business Curb Appeal.html

Are you a business owner looking to stand out from the rest of the competition? If you are, start by improving your premises’ curb appeal. Stamped asphalt can help you do that, and the beauty of it is it has a wide range of applications. Customers have a bias towards a business premise with a great curb appeal. Here are some ideas on how to beautify your business with stamped asphalt.

Stamped Asphalt for the Patio

Having a patio on your business premises is sound. Clients relax and entertain themselves there as they complete their orders. Make your patio more attractive by adding a touch of stamped asphalt to it. You’ll succeed at making it unique and, at the same time, enjoyable to be in. You can recreate a lot of designs with stamped asphalt. Go for a design that is both beautiful and easy to maintain.

The Walkways

The walkway is among the first places people see when they visit your premises. You want to give them a lasting impression that will favor your business. Why not go for a stamped asphalt design with irregular shapes of different shades? The design increases the asphalt’s sturdiness, making it safer for your clients to walk on, besides improving the curb appeal.

The Parking Lot

Look at the parking lots surrounding your business. Aren’t most of them the same old black color? Black or black shouldn’t be the only option when installing asphalt on your parking lot. Go for stamped asphalt with a print of your choice. The surface doesn’t have to be black since you can make it any color of your liking. Stamping and coloring asphalt parking lots give businesses a decorative accent for increasing their visibility.

The Interior Floors

Take things a notch higher by installing stamped asphalt to the interior of your business. The asphalt is as beautiful as it would look outside. They are great for refinished business areas such as basements and storage rooms. Stamped asphalt is super durable. When you use them for the interior flooring, they’ll be easy to clean and more resistant to damage.

The Driveway

Driveways are susceptible to damage because of the sheer traffic passing through them. When looking for asphalt material for the driveway, consider durability and aesthetics. Stamped asphalt gives you both. You could opt for neutral colors for the driveway. Or go for more adventurous designs if you like venturing out of the box. The upside of using stamped asphalt on your driveway is the cost-friendliness. You’d pay a lot more if you opted for stamped concrete because of its high installation and labor costs.

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Stamped asphalt is an economical option for business owners looking to improve the curb appeal of their business. The versatility of stamped asphalt gives it a wide application in the industry. You can use it indoors or outdoors and still get value for your investment. Georgia’s Wildcat Paving (GWP) has a track record for installing stamped asphalt as per the client’s expectations. Get in touch with us or call 678-377-3113 for a free quote.

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