Common Commercial Paving Questions You Should Ask

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Before you invest in a huge property upgrade like paving, there may be some questions you probably want answered.

Here are the most common questions you should ask a commercial paving service to set your mind at ease.

Are You Licensed?

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know that commercial paving is a profession that requires a license. Don’t be afraid to ask for this license as well as insurance, because these are the documents that will protect your business in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Even the most professional companies experience accidents (that’s why they’re called accidents), but under no circumstances should those situations hinder your business.

What is the Timeframe to Completion?

Every contractor worth his salt can give you a time estimate for a project. Do not accept any vague answers, because you place your business at risk for an extended procedure that can bleed your pocketbook.

Disreputable companies will often give you no time frame and also charge by the hour instead of by milestone or quality of work. You must be aware of these scams. As well, the most professional companies are looking to give you a detailed estimate and follow that estimate closely. 

What is Your Previous Experience?

The great thing about commercial paving is that the work of the company is in the public view, 24/7/365! You can and should ask for a previous client list and go visit those properties if necessary. From there, you can make a firsthand assessment of the services this company is able to provide.

If you don’t want to go this far, you can and should ask for references that you can call to get an indication of the customer service that was rendered by the company that you are looking to hire.

What Kind of Paving Projects Do You Perform?

Not all commercial paving is the same. There are many nuanced differences that you need to consider based on the type of project you are contracting out for.

  • Are we talking a shopping center lot or condo asphalt paving?
  • Is demolition or excavation necessary?
  • Does the company have the appropriate connections to get this done at a reasonable cost and in the time frame you are looking for?

In some cases, you may need to work with multiple types of licensed entities and professional specialists, but there is no reason you cannot access all of the people and resources you need through a single point of operation. This is the hallmark of a truly professional contracting company — the ability to walk you through the entire process and be fully transparent about it.

When you are ready to add a top level of professionalism to your property, call the dedicated paving experts at Georgia’s Wildcat Paving.

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