Why Thermoplastic Striping is the Best Choice for Your Busy Parking Lot

Why Thermoplastic Striping is the Best Choice for Your Busy Parking Lot

The condition of your parking lot says a lot about you. When someone visits your place, they’ll see the parking lot first. For a business, a parking lot in a deplorable state might make prospective clients form a terrible attitude towards your business. The opposite is true.

A parking lot that’s in top-notch condition piques the interest of your clients. It makes them eager to want to come into your business to see if it is as good as the outside. Parking lot striping can help not only improve aesthetics but also improve the durability of your parking lot.

Here’s why you should consider thermoplastic striping for your busy parking lot.

Improving the Safety of Your Parking Lot

Poor visibility at night or during storms is a significant safety concern. These conditions increase the chances of car collisions in a busy parking lot. As the parking lot owner, you have a legal obligation to take reasonable precautions to reduce accidents on your property. You are, therefore, in danger of facing a civil lawsuit for negligence if people keep getting into collisions in your parking lot.

Thermoplastic markings are highly reflective. Motorists can see them quickly and clearly at night or during bad weather. A thermoplastic strip can guide drivers on the correct path to their designated parking spot in a busy parking lot. When every driver knows and sticks to their course, chances of collisions will be minimal, if any, in your parking lot.

Parking Lot Striping Saves on Maintenance Cost

Paint might be an alternative road marker for a busy parking lot. But before using it, consider how long it will serve you. Generally, the paint might serve for a year before deteriorating in a busy parking lot. This means you’d have to have a maintenance budget for the parking lot annually to revitalize the markings. You’ll realize the maintenance expense is over the roof if you sum it up over five years.

Thermoplastic materials are strong and durable. Thermoplastic striping, therefore, has a longer lifespan than paint. Since the materials are durable, you won’t need to frequently maintain or replace the striping on the busy parking lot. Parking lot striping using thermoplastic is cost-effective in the long run because of its few maintenance and replacement needs.

Versatile Applications

You can customize thermoplastic striping for various applications in a busy parking lot. For instance, you can use thermoplastic markings for creating horizontal road signages on your parking lot. The signage will assist in controlling traffic flow to make movement more manageable and efficient in the busy parking lot.

When you apply thermoplastic striping in thick layers on pavement, they create rumble strips. These rumble strips vibrate when cars drive on them. They can alert the driver of possible danger nearby. At times the rumble strips only increase the alertness of drivers in the parking lot.

Upgrade Your Parking Lot with the Help of Georgia’s Wild Cat Paving

Parking lot striping is a cost-effective method of improving your parking lot’s safety and curb appeal. Thermoplastic striping, in particular, is durable and versatile in its use. Using it will minimize collisions and improve the look of your parking lot, which will wow everybody who visits your premises. Georgia’s Wildcat Paving (GWP) has years of expertise and an enviable track record of installing thermoplastic striping for its clients. Contact us or call us at 678-377-3113 for your parking lot upgrade.

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