The StreetPrint Stamped Asphalt Process

The StreetPrint Stamped Asphalt Process

StreetPrint stamped asphalt is a decorative paving concept that entails stamping a specially designed template into a heated asphalt surface to create incredible designs on pavements. StreetPrint stamped asphalt has several benefits, including affordability, durable nature, and aesthetic beauty. SteetPrint stamping works on fresh asphalt surfaces or even pre-installed asphalt, which are in good condition.

To stamp the pre-installed asphalt surface, reheating would help soften the asphalt and enable the template to press into the surface appropriately. Stamping on pre-installed asphalt surfaces saves on pavement removal costs. The stamping process is typically followed by the application of StreetBond, a coating system to give an aesthetic finish to the surface.

StreetPrint Stamped Asphalt Process

  • Heating

Heating the asphalt is an integral part of the stamping process. Heating makes the asphalt moldable, enabling the template to press deeply into the asphalt surface to create the desired designs. It also minimizes stress on the template, plate compactor, and surface. Certified installers take time to heat the asphalt to make stamping more manageable and save time.

When the asphalt is heated to a low temperature, it shortens the lifespan of the template and plate contactor due to the extra force required to make stamping successful. On occasion, low temperature or insufficient heating of the asphalt will lead to stress cracks on the surface or, worse still, force you to reheat and stamp again.

High temperatures may also not be suitable as it may not make the asphalt moldable and instead too soft. Professionals use water to stabilize the softened asphalt surface to control the temperatures. A little mist of water sprayed on the plate compactor drive and the overlap will help maintain the asphalt temperature for proper stamping.

  • Stamping

Stamping is the next process after heating, and it requires using a reversible plate compactor. The plate compactor presses the StreetPrint weaved template onto the asphalt surface to create a street-stamped design. The template is placed on the reference points marked in advance. The plate compactor uses force to push the template into the softened asphalt surface.

Template density and stamping force should be considered for proper stamping. You should stamp the template to full depth. A key indicator that the template is pressed to the appropriate depth is that you cannot feel it when you walk on the surface. Understanding how a particular template works before stamping is essential.

Templates vary in density. If not careful, they can stretch and distort. After stamping, the template is lifted and moved to the next reference point. The movement is a critical process and should be handled by at least two people keen enough to lift and place it correctly. Dragging the template through hot asphalt can result in scuffing. The process is repeated until all the reference points are StreetPrint appropriately stamped.

  • StreetBond Application

Genuine StreetBond high-performance coat is applied using a StreetPrint sprayer to give an aesthetic finish look. The StreetBond application also helps to protect the asphalt from sun and weather damage.

The first step in the StreetBond application is cleaning the surface to be coated. Cleaning usually involves sweeping and using blowers to remove debris and ensure that the StreetBond adheres to the surface. You may need power washing in cases where there is a lot of dirt. The substrate should be dry before application of the StreetBond.

For areas where StreetBond is not required, masking should be done using plastic tarps or other suitable materials. The surface is then primed using StreetBond Concrete primer. After the primer dries off, the StreetBond 150 is applied, followed by a StreetBond sealer concentrate once the previous coat dries.

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