The Benefits of StreetPrint Technology Cost-Effective and Durable Alternatives to Traditional Paving

The Benefits of StreetPrint Technology Cost Effective and Durable Alternatives to Traditional Paving

StreetPrint is an innovative technology that creates a realistic decorative effect on an asphalt base. The patented paving system can produce a slate, brick or stone appearance. It’s less costly to purchase, install and maintain. This makes it an ideal alternative to traditional paving materials such as tile, granite and concrete.

Here are some notable benefits of this StreetPrint paving technology.


StreetPrint consists of flexible material that is resistant to cracking. It follows the contraction and expansion rate of the underlying asphalt. Hence, it doesn’t shrink or break into several layers. The flexibility of this material makes it ideal for hot and high-traffic areas.

Chemical Resistance

Chemicals can damage paving material by causing discoloration. They also perforate the top surface, allowing water to penetrate.

StreetPrint is an excellent paving option since it’s resistant to most chemicals. For example, it doesn’t react with deicing salt. The technology is also resistant to fuel and engine oil damage.

Easy Installation

Installing StreetPrint is quicker than when working with other materials like cement bricks. You don’t have to worry about disrupting traffic for an extended period.

A contractor will first install asphalt or inspect the existing one to ensure it’s in good condition. They will then use a reciprocating heater to prepare the surface. The next installation step is to press StreetPrint templates on the warm asphalt.


Another pro of StreetPrint technology is that it has an attractive appeal. The material comes in a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns. You can easily tailor your pavement to create eye-catching designs. It’s also possible to use the material for creative street marking.

Color Stability

StreetPrint consists of an acrylic polymer modified with epoxy. Its reflective pigments provide reliable UV stability. Hence, the surface doesn’t fade much when exposed to direct sunlight. Once you install StreetPrint, you can enjoy colorful pavement and not worry about regular painting.


StreetPrint creates a continuous surface that doesn’t allow water to seep. Installing it avoids various concerns related to water damage. Such include:

  • Soil erosion
  • Weed Growth
  • Potholes
  • Base course failure

Moisture affects the strength and durability of asphalt paving. Coating the surface with StreetPrint protects the bond between the underlying particles.

Friction Properties

StreetPrint technology has great friction properties. It creates a skid and slip-resistant surface that prevents injuries, especially during wet weather. StreetPrint also meets vehicle skid-resistance requirements. Hence, it’s a safe option for driveways, car parks and home zones.


An ideal paving material should be durable to avoid frequent repairs. StreetPrint is a perfect substitute for traditional options since it lasts longer. The compacted asphalt base provides a reliable foundation. StreetPrint’s solid surface also avoids damage, giving you value for your money.

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StreetPrint is the perfect technology if you want to avoid water damage. It protects your pavement from harsh chemicals and maintains vibrant colors for longer.

Georgia Wildcat Paving can help you install StreetPrint Technology. We have the equipment and expertise to complete the work with less disruption. Our contractors can also handle preparation steps like asphalt installation or repair. Get a free StreetPrint installation quote now.

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