Worried About Parking Lot Cracks? Sealcoat Could be the Answer

Worried About Parking Lot Cracks Sealcoat Could be the Answer

A damaged parking lot can lead to vehicle wear, as well as slip and fall injuries. It also lowers the aesthetic appeal of your property and is an eyesore for your neighbors. Cracks are a common type of parking lot damage. They often result from soil erosion, a faulty foundation, harsh weather, and poor maintenance. If you are looking for an ideal fix for these issues, consider Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot.

Read on for more details about this coating and its benefits.

What Is Sealcoat?

Sealcoat is a liquid tar substance that’s great for waterproofing. It can permanently bond various materials, including asphalt. Sealcoat penetrates the pores of parking lot construction material. After that, it cures, so it’s hard to break even under heavy foot traffic.

The Benefits of Applying Sealcoat on Your Parking Lot

Using sealcoat to fix parking lot cracks has multiple benefits. This coating will make the surface resistant to harsh UV rays. Thus, you don’t need to worry about a reduction in the volume of binding oils in an asphalt parking lot. 

Here are other pros of using sealcoating for parking lot cracks:

  • It’s easy to apply
  • It’s non-toxic and pet friendly
  • It’s resistant to harsh chemicals

Cracks allow water to penetrate beneath your parking lot, leading to corrosion. Since sealcoat is water resistant, it will protect your parking lot’s foundation from soil erosion. The coat also prevents surface corrosion caused by heavy rains or slow-moving water. It also repels oil and other harsh chemicals from breaking down the asphalt. 

How to Use Sealcoating on Parking Lot Cracks

Sealcoating can be the ultimate solution to parking lot cracks when applied correctly. Begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly with water. This step eliminates all loose particles ensuring you are bonding solid sections only.

If your parking lot has large cracks, filling them with crackseal before the coating process is advisable. Once the surface dries dilute the first coat with 25% water or follow the instructions provided on the packaging. Let the first coat dry for about 12 hours, and apply the second one. Your parking lot will be ready to use once the second coat cures.

Fixing parking lot cracks with crackseal and sealcoat is relatively easy but requires caution. Missing one step can lead to product wastage and compromise the quality of the application. Contract the job to a seal coating professional to prevent losses and protect your investment. This measure also avoids demolishing and patching the entire cracked section.

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Crackseal and sealcoat will provide a durable and reliable solution to parking lot cracks. Georgia’s Wildcat Paving offers coating services to protect your parking lot and ensure safety. Our professionals use high-quality products and have adequate experience to deliver a high-quality job. Fill out our form now for sealcoating services.

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