Maintaining the Beauty of Decorative Paving: Tips for Longevity and Preservation

Maintaining the Beauty of Decorative Paving: Tips for Longevity and Preservation

Decorative paving makes your property stand out, but you need to maintain it for a longer lifespan. While the best preservation practices differ depending on the material, some apply to most driveways. Taking proper care of your pavement will protect its value and prevent damage in the long run. Here are some easy maintenance tips.

Sweep Your Decorative Paving

Decorative paving accumulates dust, especially during summer. Tree branches and leaves can also gather on the surface during other seasons. If you don’t remove these particles, they may stain the surface and make it visually unappealing.

Eliminate dirt from your decorative paving by sweeping it regularly. Use a broom with soft or medium-strength bristles instead of a wire brush, as it can scratch the surface.


While sweeping your decorative paving will eliminate dust, some may remain, especially if it’s windy. Rinsing the surface pushes dust particles away and leaves the area clean.

You can use a garden hose with normal pressure to rinse your pavement. Alternatively, use a pressure washer at its low or medium setting to dislodge particles wearing out the decorative surface.

Repair and Replace Damaged Sections

Decorative paving may sustain damage due to various factors. For example, harsh chemicals will corrode the surface, leaving holes. Depressions and potholes may also form if you drop heavy objects or drive heavy vehicles.

Repairing damaged sections prevents water from seeping into your pavement. It enhances the surface’s aesthetic appeal and avoids secondary damage. Repairs also prevent accidents and protect your car.

If your decorative paving has extensive damage, you must replace some sections. Contacting a professional in your area will help you determine the cause of the damage. The expert will also recommend the best way to fix it while ensuring uniformity.

Eliminate Weeds and Algae

Weeds can grow on decorative paving, shortening the lifespan. They also make the area unsightly and slippery during rainy or snowy days. Eliminating weeds protects your pavement’s structure. You can pull them out by hand or with a weeding knife.

 Other methods to eliminate weeds and algae include:

  • Pour hot water to kill the roots
  • Apply a mixture of salt and white vinegar
  • Burn them with a weed torch

A mixture of water and bleach is also great for eliminating algae and moss. Still, you must use the right proportions, ideally one part of bleach and two parts of water, to avoid damaging the decorative surface.

Seal and Mark the Pavement

Asphalt pavements are porous and prone to water damage. They also absorb spilled chemicals, which makes them stain. Sealing these surfaces is the best way to enhance water resistance and prevent discoloration.

If you have decorated asphalt pavement, you can boost its durability by sealing and marking it with thermoplastic sheets. StreetPrint is the best technology to coat and protect your asphalt while improving the overall look.

Maintain Your Decorative Paving With GWP

Protecting the beauty and lifespan of your decorative paving doesn’t have to be challenging. Georgia’s Wildcat Paving has the skills and technology to keep your paving looking its best. We offer repair services and replace severely damaged areas. Contact us today for decorative paving maintenance.

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