Let GWP Save You From DIY Curb Repair

Let GWP Save You From DIY Curb Repair

Cracks and potholes on curbs are an eyesore affecting the visual appeal of your property. A damaged surface is dangerous and can lead to injuries and legal issues. Curb repair eliminates hazards and restores beauty.

While fixing damages without professional help is tempting, you may incur more money in the long run. You could fail to rectify the primary cause, leading to secondary issues in the future. DIY repair is also time-consuming without the right equipment.

Avoid DIY Curb Repair With Georgia Wildcat Paving (GWP)

Georgia Wildcat Paving provides professional curb patching services. We help you restore the affected area quickly to prevent further damage and ensure safety.

Our contractor will visit the site to assess the extent of the damage. This process helps them identify the materials needed for the repair. They can also provide a free quote, allowing you to budget.

The Benefits of Professional Curb Repair

Professional curb repair from GWP has multiple benefits. Our contractors have the training needed to handle various types of projects. They can ensure precision and correct installation when working with different materials. Such include concrete, asphalt, and StreetPrint.

Repairing curb damages requires specific equipment. For example, you need a saw to cut out the affected portion. You also need a tamper for compacting.

Hiring Georgia Wildcat Paving for curb repair ensures you use the right tools. We have adequate equipment, and our contractors know how to use it.

Here are other benefits of hiring a contractor for curb repair:

  • You save time and money
  • We can recommend maintenance practices
  • Our materials meet safety standards

Curb repair requires proper surface preparation. You must remove debris and ensure the foundation is in good condition. These practices help the new material bond with the existing one. Skipping any of the procedures compromises the quality of your sidewalk. It also shortens the lifespan, leading to recurring repairs.

Professional curb repair services will save you from these issues. Our contractor will identify the cause of the damage and suggest ways to solve it. For example, they may recommend root pruning if nearby trees are causing cracks. 

Once we help you establish the root cause, our contractor will prepare the damaged area. They will apply the repair material and let you know long to wait before usage. These precautions ultimately enhance your curb’s durability.

Get Professional Curb Repair Today

DIY curb repair is stressful and can lead to more costs in the future. Let Georgia Wildcat Paving handle the job for efficiency and durability. We provide a comprehensive quote, so you’ll know how much each procedure and material costs. Fill out our contact form for a curb repair estimate.

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