5 Surprising Asphalt Paving Facts You Should Know

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Asphalt can greatly enhance and protect your property’s curb appeal. But its benefits aren’t only limited to its aesthetic abilities. Mixed with aggregates like gravel, sand, or crushed rock, and bound together with bitumen, asphalt is an excellent durable solution for parking lots, driveways, roads, and other similar applications. But, how much do you know about asphalt paving?

Read on to discover seven interesting facts about asphalt paving.

Surprising Asphalt Paving Facts

1. Asphalt is the Most Recycled Material

Asphalt is certainly the world’s most recycled paving material and one of the most commonly recycled products. It has a global recycling rate of 80%. Even more interestingly, asNational Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) asserts, at a 99% recycling rate, asphalt is America’s most recycled product.

This means that it’s an excellent sustainable paving material with tremendous carbon footprint reduction capabilities.

2. Asphalt is a Highly Preferred Paving Material

Did you know asphalt is responsible for2.6 million miles or 94% of paved roads in the United States? Besides being environmentally friendly, asphalt paving is favored for roads because of its quieter and smoother rides.

3. The Asphalt Sector Generates Jobs

The scope and scale of the asphalt industry in the country are quite massive.According to NAPA, for every USD1 billion invested in the highway, at least 28,000 jobs are sustained including additional sectors that directly or indirectly support and are related to the asphalt industry.

4. Asphalt Pavement Can Last for Decades

A quality asphalt pavement, road, parking lot, or driveway done by an experienced professional will last about two decades. The lifespan can extend substantially depending on use and how frequently you perform preventive maintenance.

5. Liquid Asphalt Was Used by Ancient Egyptians

In case you were still doubting the lasting qualities of asphalt, remember ancient Egyptians used asphalt liquid known as bitumen in the mummification process. The biological agent helped ancient Egyptians preserve the dead for thousands of years.

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