3 Benefits of Permaflex and Why It Matters

3 Benefits of Permaflex and Why It Matters

Do you have cracked surfaces that would need a solution to not have to be removed and replaced? PermaFlex is an innovative asphalt mix designed for overlaying cracked surfaces in need of serious redemption. GWP is a licensed PermaFlex installer. We are happy to show you how PermaFlex can help with your asphalt repairs.

What Is PermaFlex?

PermaFlex is a unique overlay system used as a base for a new surface course when repairing existing asphalt. PermaFlex includes a mix of aggregate and liquid asphalt bonding agents mixed to fill existing cracks.

The process involves filling in cracks in the asphalt surface, implementing aggregate, adhering bonding agents, and finally applying a new 1–2-inch smooth asphalt surface on top. This layering technique prevents reflective cracking as well as makes your repairs more economical.

What are the Benefits of PermaFlex?

Repairing damaged surfaces can be costly, so it would be best to take preventative measures beforehand. There are many benefits of using PermaFlex on parking lots, pavements, and other cracked surfaces. Below are the top three benefits:

1. Prevents Reflective Cracking

Reflective cracking refers to reappearing of cracks in the same places as before. If you fail to apply a barrier of PermaFlex protection during asphalt repairs, your surface course will develop crack patterns the same as the existing pavement.

This results in more damage that is costly to repair. For this reason, most reputable contractors will always address these failures before overlaying a heavily cracked surface. PermaFlex fills the cracks, so you will not see that pattern again. In addition, the cost of installing this system is typically drastically less than a complete replacement.

2. Increases the Longevity of Surfaces

Construction surfaces can be sturdy; however, they wear off progressively. Your parking lot or asphalt pavement can wear off due to the weight and constant movement on the surface. PermaFlex helps to prevent the surfaces from wearing off. PermaFlex acts as a barrier of protection, relieving you of the worry of repairing damaged surfaces. This process can also reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, thus increasing the lifespan of your asphalt pavement.

3. Improves the Aesthetics of Your Surface

PermaFlex provides an overlay with a final asphalt top layer for a smooth surface, which provides an inward and outward transformation for your pavement. PermaFlex completely resolves the imperfections and cracks of your previous pavement, giving it a new look.

GWP Is a Licensed PermaFlex Installer

PermaFlex is a worthy investment for coating your pavements, and it saves you in the long run. GWP understands the need to have a perfect asphalt surface in your pavement to reflect your home or business in a good way. We are ready to assess your cracked asphalt and offer the best overlay system based on your needs and budget.

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