Most Popular Beginners Program For Windows 7 That Accountants Use In November 2020

Mac owners, as usual, are on their own for Blu-ray playback and video disc creation. The BP60NB10 comes with passable video-playback and video-editing software for Windows that can handle both Blu-rays and DVDs. PowerDirector isn’t professional-quality disc-authoring software, but it will get the job done for home movies, and it’s not a 30-day demo like the version that comes with LG’s DVD-only drives.

And it feels more solidly built than the other DVD drives we tested, though it was slightly louder than competitors when we were burning or ripping a disc. TuneFab DVD Ripper is a great solution for all of your DVD needs.

Both the Leawo and Macgo players worked fine when we tested them with macOS Catalina, and both promise compatibility with several older versions of macOS as well. Pioneer bundles in the same CyberLink-provided suite that comes with the LG BP60NB10, including PowerDirector for creating video discs and PowerDVD for playing DVDs and Blu-rays in Windows.

And it costs the same amount as other Blu-ray drives that don’t support UHD. The Asus ZenDrive U9M ripped DVDs faster than any of the other drives we tested, with only slightly slower burn speeds than other drives offered. Asus includes both a Mini-USB–to–Type-A cable and a Mini-USB–to–Type-C cable, so you can plug it into almost any computer without buying extra cables.

If you’re a Mac owner, you’ll be able to play DVDs just fine, but you’ll need to look up third-party options for playing Blu-rays or for creating video discs in either format. Like all the drives we tested, the BP60NB10 didn’t burn discs much more quickly or slowly than any other drive.

However, it was nearly twice as fast to rip our test Blu-rays, and only half as fast at ripping two of our three test DVDs. This DVD-only drive is slow when ripping discs, but it’s quieter and less expensive than other options if you plan to watch, rip, or burn only DVDs, not Blu-rays. If you need an external optical drive that works with Blu-rays as well as rocket downloader DVDs, LG’s BP60NB10 can handle just about any disc in your library, including newer Ultra HD discs with 4K video. It’s considerably slower at ripping DVDs than either the Asus ZenDrive U9M or the Pioneer BDR-XD07B, but it rips Blu-ray discs more quickly than the Pioneer drive.

How Safe Is The Cloud?

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What Are Survey Tools?

A few options exist for Mac owners, all from small companies with questionably translated websites. The Leawo Blu-ray Player is free to download but locks some features behind a paywall and requires the Java Runtime Environment to be installed before disc menus will work properly. The Macgo Blu-ray Player works fine with disc menus but overlays a watermark on your video until you pay for the software. Another paid option, the Aiseesoft Mac Blu-ray Player, didn’t work properly with Blu-ray disc menus in our testing.

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