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Georgia’s Wildcat Paving is proud to be a licensed applicator since 1999 of StreetPrint. StreetPrint is the most economical and problem-free decorative paving system on the market today. Chastain 3 StreetPrint has a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. Similar to concrete stamping, StreetPrint is a stamped application for asphalt and allows you to create a unique look. StreetPrint can be applied during or after asphalt installation and comes in several colors.

How Do We Install StreetPrint?

  • Heat asphalt using gentle reciprocating heat.
  • Imprint and remove pattern templates.
  • Apply genuine StreetBond high-performance coating


StreetPrint XD

StreetPrint XD

StreetPrint XD is an innovative way to create decorative pedestrian crosswalks as well as enhance visibility in high traffic areas. It is applied using preformed sheets of thermoplastic that are heat applied and then stamped with a desired pattern. StreetPrint XD is available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Ideal locations for StreetPrint XD

  • Crosswalks
  • School Zones
  • Raised Intersections
  • Hospital Zones

“LEED” Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Paving materials can have a significant impact on the heat island effect often found in urban areas – thermal gradient differentiate between developed and undeveloped areas. Solar reflective coatings minimize urban heat build-up and create cooler, more sustainable microclimates that are better for people, plants and wildlife. StreetPrint offers a number of coatings that meet the standards of the LEED Green Building Rating System.

LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

LEED outlines sustainable approaches for cooling the urban landscape and reducing the heat island effect. By following these guidelines, your project can earn LEED credits.

  • Ashler slate
  • Eurofan
  • Half circle
  • Handicap
  • Herringbone
  • Offset brick
  • Random stone
  • Soldier course
  • Stacked brick border
  • Texas border

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